In response to interest expressed by our shareholders, we are currently exploring the topic of opening enrollment to descendants of original Gana-A'Yoo shareholders.
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The Gana-A'Yoo Foundation Board of Directors has an open seat for a 3 year term. The only requirement is the candidate must be 18 years of age or older. (Please note that the Foundation board members family members are not eligible for scholarships from the Gana-A'Yoo Foundation). 
Please submit your letter of intent and your resume to, fax to 907-569-9699, or mail to the corporate office and needs to arrive by Friday, August 24, 2018.

Congratulations to the elected board members: Kimberly Bower (Nulato stock, Urban), Sharon Hildebrand (Galena & Nulato stock, Urban), and Shay Huntington McEwen (Galena stock, Urban). Thank you Charlene Ostbloom and Joshua Peter for your hard work and thank you to the shareholders who ran for these seats. Thank you to the Koyukuk community for hosting this year's 40th Annual Shareholder Meeting. Thank you Gana-A'Yoo Shareholders for 60.629% quorum!

Congratulations to the following Gana-A'Yoo Limited 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting Winners:
Stock Will Prizes - 2 @ $500 Colleen Brush & Judy Jensen
Proxy Drawing:
2 @ $100 ea – Todd J Nickoli Sr & Elizabeth M McQuestion
2 @ $250 ea – Adele R Royal & Steven L Demoski
1 @ $1000 – Pauline M Peter
1 Grand prize @ $1500 – Lorena L Pitka
Early Bird Proxy Drawing Winners:
$100 – Commack Laranden Stanley
$100 – Bennett David Madros
$100 – Edward Pitka Jr.
$100 – Carlson Alan Malemute
$100 – Albert Nickoli Sr.
$500 – Jenny Kathleen Pelkola
$1,000 – Patrick McGinty
Thank you for voting!

Foundation 2018 Raffle:
30,000 Alaska Airlines Super Savor Mileage Ticket: Andrew Huntington
$500: Ladean Ambrose
Athabascan Goody Basket: Andrew Huntington
$100: Molissa Wightman
2018 Grill and cooler raffle: Mariah Pitka-Jenkins
Thanks so much to those who donated items, ticket sellers, and ticket buyers 

Gana-A'Yoo, Limited

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We are a unique company and people, Tleeyegge Hʉt'aane', thriving for thousands of years by adapting to the environment.

Definition -  Tleeyegge Hʉt'aane' - "the people of the land."

Our Vision

  • We will make strategic decisions based on targeted gross revenue, operating profit, and return on investment

  • We will be a global company in diverse markets with a balanced portfolio

  • We partner with companies that share our values and foster our tradition of excellence in service and partnership with our customers

  • We work and communicate with transparency, sharing, and flexibility

Our Values

  • We are respectful of our culture, languages, traditions, and one another

  • We are trustworthy

  • We are successful

  • We are responsible

  • We are prepared

  • We are transparent


Gana-A'Yoo, Limited

1205 E International Airport Rd, Ste 100

Anchorage, AK 99504

Phone: (907)569-9599