Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We are a unique company and people, Tleeyegge Hʉt’aane’, thriving for thousands of years by adapting to the environment.

Definition - Tl'eeyegge Hʉt’aane' - “the people of the land.

Our Vision

  • We continually invest in our people to promote healthy communities as they thrive and prosper
  • We will make strategic decisions for future growth; targeted gross revenue, operating profit, and return on investment
  • We will be a global company in diverse markets with a balanced portfolio
  • We partner with companies that share our values and foster our tradition of excellence in service to our customer
  • We continue to work and communicate guided by our values

Our Values

  • We are respectful of our culture, language, traditions, and one another.
  • We are trustworthy
  • We are responsible
  • We are transparent
  • We are ethical